My Bonny at 12 Months Old

by Terry
(Terry Orange n.s.w Aus)

Bonny at 12 months old

Bonny at 12 months old

I did send a pic of Bonny and my wheel chair when she was 4 months old..

she has learnt many more things (house trained hand signals and then some more ...

she is now 12 months old and the learning still keeps going day by day.

being just the two of us she is very protective, and not that social.

but to me being social isnt that important....


Terry Orange n.s.w. aus

Total German Shepherd:

Hey Terry,

So nice to hear from you again. Your German Shepherd puppy, Bonny, is growing up so nicely. She is definitely a beautiful black German Shepherd puppy!!

I am so glad to hear that she is such great company and comfort to you. She is a little sponge just waiting to learn so enjoy the process with her everyday.

I wish you the best of everything with her - continued success everyday!! And keep those updates coming in - we love seeing how she is maturing every chance that we get! Thanks, Terry!!

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