My dogs (rough collies and gsd's) are barking all the time - help

by hilary bradshaw
(st. helens.U.K)

I have 5 dogs, 3 rough collies and 2 gsd's

Today I had a letter from the council regarding a complaint about the noise of the barking. this obviously can from our next door neighbours, who are joined to us.

We don't get on, but they do have a point and I can only admit that their complaint is valid.

whenever someone knocks, the postman, if someone comes in, if someone walks past with a dog, even when we celebrate Liverpool scoring (ok, I know that doesn't happen too often) it starts them all off. also when they know they are going out it is pandemonium.

we use a water spray but this doesn;t work to well. sometimes Ste, who works nights, gets an early finish, say at 4 am, they all start barking. My neighbours have a valid complaint!!!

I am at my whits end, I don't know how to stop it. I rang the council and admitted to them there is a problem. they were very nice but stated we have a month to sort it or we will be taken to court.

The complaint was very vague, they have said that the dogs bark all day and into the night.
I don't think they bark when we are out (only if someone knocks) and when we are in they only bark when one of the listed things above happens.

they do not continously bark. Even though, this needs to be rectified. I don't like my neighbours but they have every right to be annoyed, and I want to put this right. there is only Sacha, who doesn't really bark, one dogs sets the other off and its pandemonium.

Can someone please offer me some help. I Own the house, so we can't be kicked out but I am frightened we might be forced into losing some of our dogs.

I am worried sick.

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Mar 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

I'm not an expert by any means, but my dog trainer told me to fill a soda can with about 20 pennies (pences) and when the dogs start to bark hurl it at them.

You need to be out of site so they don't know who sent this noisey contraption their way. & when you hurl it, your not trying to beat them with it, just scaring them. If you throw it at them only when they are doing something you don't want, they will learn that when they do this behaviour, this thing comes flying out at them.

But make sure as soon as they stop barking you reward them. You want them to always know when they are doing something good.

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