My Everyday Companion Atticus

by d emers

our first meeting

our first meeting

After losing my companion of 14 years, I needed to have another and so after a few months I found Atticus at the local county pound. He had come in the same day and I had to wait the required number of days before bringing him home.

He was just under a year, thin, lame in his left rear, and was left to run! When my son saw him he was dubious, I fell in love immediately. The pound waived his fee because of the lameness and off we went to the vets.

My wife was unsure, not having a large dog before marrying me. Still, a GSD is a special companion and you have to know them, and they have to get to know you.

Here is a list of costs,
Vet visit after adoption free
food, supplies $200
surgery $3000
1 fenced Yard $5000
food, supplies unknown (still calculating)
wellness exams, etc. unknown (still calculating)
additional surgery for toe cancer $2400
baths, toys, treats, unknown (still calculating)
Oh, and the application fee to college....just kidding

Peace of mind, companionship, security, confidant, and the joy of helping a forever friend? PRICELESS !!!!

Total German Shepherd:

Wow, I am blown away by your level of commitment and the challenge you have taken on in helping Atticus out. You will all be blessed for your decision to help out this special little fellow for years to come.

He is one handsome fellow and quite the lucky one too. Toe cancer, what an unusual thing - that's definitely the first time I've ever heard of that in a German Shepherd. Or anyone now that I think about it.

With his young age and your help with the doctor bills and health care I hope you all catch it quickly and that it is cleared up and cured asap. Please keep us up on how Atticus is doing with all his treatments and his acclimation to his new home with your family as well. God bless you all.

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May 27, 2015
An update
by: Anonymously. Emerson

My companion was diagnosed this morning with cardiac HSA. Basically, a tumor on the heart that bled into the pericardium. After finding him unresponsive this morning, my wife alerted me, I saw he was not in a good way and rushed him about 4 miles to my vet ER. The techs took him in and upstairs before I even locked the truck. Once upstairs a young gun vet, mentioned a cardiac tampanade. Blood in the pericardium. They took my boy back, relieved the pressure and took pictures, sonogram, and left me wondering if I would see him alive again. They stabilized, monitored him for the day, prescribed yunnan biaygo. An herb to stop the bleeding. He was allowed to come home, and is resting comfortably. I spent the remainder of the day researching hemangeosarcoma. A devastating cancer that is high in mortality. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done but keep him comfortable. I wonder how much longer he will be with me? Still, a priceless friend! Heartbreak aside. He is an 11 yo.

Nov 20, 2014
by: Sue

Yep, that's my bro!!! He's a wonderful, caring person! I remember when he got Atticus, he was so happy, you would've thought it was Christmas - Attie seemed happy too - LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

Then he took Attie to my folks house - woohoo - Attie was now part of the family. Attie's been my brother's companion from day one - you hardly ever see him without the dog. And if the dog cant go in somewhere - he's remains in the car waiting - and boy when brother comes out - if that tail would come loose, it'd be long gone by now!

My brother and Attie have been through a lot together, good and bad; they are bestest buddies. No questions asked, no arguments, just plain out love and companionship. Cant imagine one without the other.

I think it was God's hand that brought these two together, each needed something from the other, and HE knew it would work. So for both my "boys" - may God continuing blessing you and keep you together as long as possible - but WILL be reunited!

Love you both!

Feb 06, 2014
My Everyday Companion Atticus
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

What a great story! Atticus is so a lucky boy to have you take him in and believe me he knows it. German Shepherds are an Amazing breed, they will Love and Protect you Forever. Take care of your boy, Atticus and he will take care of you!

Jan 27, 2014
You are Atticus' Best Friend Forever!!
by: Ruger the Magnum Pup's Mom

The only thing I can think of to say is AWESOME!!

Jan 27, 2014
wow you're amazing
by: Joanna

What a wonderful person you are , Atticus is blessed & now so are you with your wonderful friend, much love to you both

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