My German Shepard-Rotweiller Mix, I fell for you!

by Wendi Jewell
(Plaifield, NH)

what a sweetie

what a sweetie

It all started with a missing presence, a loneliness if you will. We had lost our beloved Duke the year before from a vehicle accident. The loss was horrible, but the lack of our second friend in our home was unbearable.

So trying to do the right thing we waited a full year to be sure we were not just trying to replace him. I really couldn't go much further than 6 months but I had to wait, my husband was not ready to have another dog if ever in our home.

But here we were at 1 full year (Christmas time) and the empty space did not fill with a busy schedule, it was still there. But I also began to think more into the "ideal" dog for our home. I wanted protection for my family, companionship with a guardian flair.

So I knew I wanted a German Shepard, I had grown up with them and they were always protective without having to bite anyone. And they were just lovable, family dogs. So I posted on Facebook "I want a puppy", and of course so many people that knew us assumed I was getting one or had one on my radar.

I had been looking on rescue sights, puppy sights, but then I realized I do not want a puppy/dog that I have not interacted with at all, I do not want my new babies first experience to be alone on a plane. So I scoured the local "It's Classified" which is sort of a jack of all trades/items yard sale if you will. If you are not familiar they have chickens, horses, equipment, baby stuff, cars, etc. And I had come across this add "2 German Shepard-Rotweiller Mix Puppies $250 1 male and 1 female call".

So I called, I mean what could it hurt. I made an appointment after I asked about the puppies, and checked with my husband (of course). The idea was to not really purchase but to be sure there was a connection first- did this puppy even want to come home with us? Well we were almost there (it was quite a long drive- much longer than I thought and my husband thought from my directions). And my husband said "We are getting a puppy today, after this drive you will bring a puppy home".

Once we got there, the mom (German Shepard) came outside to meet us, she was the color of butterscotch, and so nice. We moved on into the house and there they were 2 puppies just running around playing with each other and romping around. Really not care if I was there or not.

I picked up one and lay them on their back in my arms (the male) and he laid there wondering what are you doing I am sure. I then picked up the female to do the same thing, she was a bit more nervous but once she could feel I wasn't going to hurt her she relaxed. Great I thought now how do I choose? So they were both on the floor and I put my hand on each one's head the male sat then put a paw up to play, the female laid down. Still which do I choose?

She was a couple pounds heavier maybe a little taller. But boys I had such great luck with potty training. I chose the girl- her name we had already picked out "Jema". Still other than "everybody loves puppies" no connection. But then we were home and I bathed her and fed her and yes she slept with me so I could know and be woken when she needed to go out. Which she did so well at by the way.

I fell in love with her as if she were my real baby that I had given birth too. I never thought this would happen to me again, it had only happened once in my life quite some years ago. But here it was happening to me, I have a hard time even today at almost 18 weeks being away from her as a new mother would with a baby. I miss her and beg for my kids to send me pictures when they get home so I can see her.

She will be a larger dog she is now 50.4 pounds and her bark is so deep and loud that is all I really wanted was size and a good bark telling intruders/strangers "go away my family lives here" and she has protected us since she came home! I love her and fell for my Jema. We joke now at how big she is still getting, I laugh my husband not so much.

She still sleeps with us at night even if she doesn't have to go out. She crate trains during the day until she is fully potty trained (absolutely no accidents), then she will roam/patrol the house. And she is just beautiful, in body and in her heart.

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