My German Shephed Dog, Hera

by Dominika

Hera lounging around

Hera lounging around

Hera was love at first sight. I've had the pleasure to enjoy her company since the second she was born. She's turning twelve months in five days, and she's currently on about 37 kg's.

I personally think it's not a huge weight, but then again, i'm aware that gsd's look thinner till they reach their maturity age in two or three years. I only get frustrated because she doesn't seem to eat as much as other shepherd we have, that's older but at the same more competitive, so maybe that's the case.

She eats premium food, from Bosch to Royal Canin, i keep mixing and changing so she doesn't get bored of the taste, and always mix her meals with wet canned premium food as well. She's getting vitamins and all the other naturally made stuff on the side, for her to be healthy as it gets.

On top of her withers, she's 68cm's, just measured. She's a hyperactive little devil, endlessly adored and cherished as well. To be honest i'm as excited as it gets about her very first birthday (and to plenty more), she's most probably going to get a sausage decorated natural ingredient and sugarless cake and a gummy flower, and plenty of love, every day of always!

Total German Shepherd: Dominika,

Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful story of your beautiful Hera with us. And btw, before I forget, Happy Birthday Hera!!

Here's to many, many more of these birthdays shared with your momma, housemates, friends and family! As always, German Shepherds Rule!

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Jun 11, 2013
Thank You on the lovely comments
by: Dominika

Me and Hera are having a wonderful time -
thank You all for Your kind words and i wish You as well as your companion shepherds are beyond healthy and live long happy lives!

Apr 11, 2013
My German Shepherd Dog, Hera
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Your girl is a Beauty! Hera is perfect and don't worry about her weight she will fill out around when she is 3. She is still a pup and growing.

My Mia is 3 years, I can't believe how time flys, she is 72lbs and strong like an Ox. Your girl is Fine! The heavier they are the more likely they can get hip dysplasia and we don't want that.

Hera looks so happy, healthy and content - spoiled is probably a better word. LOL. She will be so protective. Take care of your Girl and she will take care of you.

Apr 02, 2013
She sure is pretty
by: Cathy

Hello Dominika, I must say that your Hera is a looker. Don't worry about her weight, my vet says it is better to have them on the slim side, especially when young.

Keeping them slim (although not starved of course) helps prevent things like hip dysplasia. Congratulations and happy birthday to Hera.

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