My German Shepherd Ben

by Karen lockley
(Walsall west midlands)

My boy Ben

My boy Ben

Let me introduce my boy Ben, we have had ben since he was 8weeks old he is now 10 years and 4months old ben has always been a very loyal loving and faithful dog even though he is ten years old and has kidney failure he still enjoys having a run about

Ben likes to watch tv with us his favorite is a western he is also very vocal when watching television he will bark at any animal that is on tv it is a nightmare watching adverts lol he will also bark if someone swings a golf club on the tv

ben is a little stroppy at times and if he cant get his own way he will bark at the tv also. but i still love him he has a great personality even though he is on prescription food he still has his little treats since he was a puppy he has had a tomato every day he will go and sit by the fridge at 11oclockish and wait

if we run out of toms he gets stroppy he also goes to his treat cupboard at 3oclock ish for his treats if we are not on the kitchen he will come and stare at until we follow him hes a clever lad

he loves to dig and play in the snow he is so gentle when we have children visit and seems to perk up when young ones are there to play with even though he has health problems he is still like a younger dog at times and teases us with his toys lol

i think he should have been a police dog because he wont let us in the house before he has sniffed us all over and nose in our bags lol.

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