My German Shepherd Bonny

by terry
(orange n.s.w Australia)

Black German Shepherd Bonny

Black German Shepherd Bonny

this is Bonny and my wheel chair.

she learnt to trot beside this large chair at full speed in just a few days..

Total German Shepherd :

Hey Terry,

What beautiful dog Bonny is. Thanks so much for sending in such a great picture and telling us a little about her.

I have always been a big fan of the Black German Shepherd Dog and have owned a few of them myself. That color is really stunning.

It sounds as though she has a pretty good temperament too if she picked up on being around your wheelchair so fast. Some dogs never learn to accept new things - or take a long time to do so so she sounds like a pretty confidant dog.

I hope you get the chance to train Bonny to help you as much as possible in your wheelchair. German Shepherds are tremendously smart and she could be a great partner in retrieving things for you and many other jobs around the house.

I wish you both nothing but the best and I hope that maybe sometime in the future you'll send us an update on how you and Bonny are doing. Congratulations on the acquisition of your new companion - she is one fine example of a Black German Shepherd Dog.

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