My German Shepherd Dog is old

by sereta murphy
(south east kent , england )

i love my dog ben my best friend

i love my dog ben my best friend

hi my name is sereta. I have a german sheperd called ben he is about 14 years old

i had a visit from the rspca because they had a call from some one he does have problems with his back legs he can still walk but only for a little while he also drinks a lot of water and he does pant a lot and dribbles but he dont seem to be in any pain and he has really hard poos and wees a lot too

sometimes he cant make it on time to go outside the rspca says that i will only have for about 4 months and they will be back to check on him in 4 months and if he is still the same way can they take my ben away from me or can i stop them

i know he is old but u would not put a old person to sleep because of these reasons my ben is the best dog ever could never be replaced. thank you

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