My German Shepherd Dog Mika

by susan butler
(phoenix AZ)

Mika, our beautiful,brilliant black GS, and Striker, our amazing Pyreeness/Newfoundland mix, came to live with us both at 8 weeks old. At 6 months, our vet determined that Striker required major leg surgery that would keep him bandaged and down for several months.

Up till then, he and Mika enjoyed romping in the backyard, long walks in the park, and cuddling on the couch when we weren't looking. They are the best of friends. Striker's surgery meant an overnight stay in the hospital, and all night long Mika looked for him, whimpering and pacing, unsettled.

When he returned home the following afternoon, he was drugged, shaved, completely out of sorts, and we placed him on his bed in the family room so he would be surrounded by all of us while as he began his recovery. Mika, overjoyed to see him, began quietly circling him, looking at us, gently licking him, and more circling.

Suddenly she stopped and just stared, first at us and then at Striker, and then ever so cautiously got a bone from their pile of toys and took it to Striker and placed it next to his head. Then she laid down next to him, with the bone between them, and stayed by his side.

The moment was priceless. And so are Striker and Mika.

Total German Shepherd:

What a great story. I would have loved to have seen that in person. I'll bet Mika and Striker are back to their old tricks by now. I hope Strikes feeling better.

And if you have the chance, send us some pictures and maybe an update on your two-some. German Shepherds rule - but Pyreeness/Newfoundland mixes come in a close second. ;)

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