My German Shepherd Dog, Vaslo Valdes

by leydys hevia
(Miami, Fl)

Vaslo Valdes @ 7 months

Vaslo Valdes @ 7 months

Vaslo Valdes

dob 09-27-2011

I got my handsome boy when he was 9 weeks, the ears went up around the 3rd months, then, went down again, then, at around 5 months it was like a teepee, but they finally went up at 7 months.

In this picture he is 7 and a half months and 71 pounds now he is going to 9 months and weights 82 pounds

He doesn't like kibble, so i cook for him
multivitamins-vitamin c- and three times a week sardines in olive oil.

He only have one major problem- he's spoiled !!!!!!!!!!

Total German Shepherd:

Hey Leydys,

Thanks so much for sharing the story of your handsome young boy,Vaslo, with us. He is definitely a keeper! :)

And he sounds like he is growing up just right as is the norm for a developing German Shepherd puppy. Keep up the good work with him.

You seem to be helping him grow up to be a strong young dog. Keep the pictures coming - we love to read about other peoples dogs and their successes.

Nothing is more important than providing the puppy the best nutrition available, not to mention vitamins, minerals and the like. There are so many things a growing dog needs to develop properly both mentally and physically.

German Shepherds need lots of physical and mental exercise too so a stimulating environment that tests their brains on occasion too is an excellent thing to keep in mind as well.

Your boy Vaslo, cool name (first time I have ever heard of this for a GSD) btw, seems to be maturing right on schedule. Continued success with him and I wish you many years of happiness as well. Thanks again for sharing him with us all here at Total German Shepherd.

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Jul 13, 2012
Vaslo Valdes
by: leydys hevia

thanks for your comments, as of today he is going to be 10 months in july 29th, he weights now 89 pounds and full of love.

Jul 06, 2012
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Your boy Vaslo is a handsome male, big and strong! Who couldn't help but spoil him, I know I would too.

Aw the puppy year, oh how I miss it. The ears up, down, down, up and sideways too, they are so cute with those ears and the big paws too!

Mia ears drove me crazy as I was careful with them, I wouldn't let her scratch too hard. Read our stories here GSD Puppy Mia's Story and Mia My Beautiful GSD.

Take care of your boy Vaslo Valdes and he will always be there for you!

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