My German shepherd holds right hind leg in the air when lying down-Often but not always

by Gail Karr
(Birmingham, AL)

It appears our GS injured his spine and the EM doctor put him on 3 weeks kennel rest and the following:

Robaxin 500mg 1.5 tablets every 8 hours white tablet 4311 shown on pill
Rimadyl 75mg 1 tablet every 12 hrs
Tramadol 50mg tablets 2 every 8 hrs AN627 shown on pill

He took Xrays and a Kidney & liver enzyme check....he said they were perfect. His reflexes were very slow in in foot and he was concerned about nerve damage.

GS's hip, leg & foot are okay...I guess just a sprain. Emergency Room Vet said he has the best hips of any German shepherd he has seen for his age (7 yrs). Just a tad of arthritis.

GS is now walking fine and I can move his leg all around without any complaints.

Any ideas why he continues to hold his leg in the air when he is laying down? He seemed to be feeling really good now he seems to be lethargic.


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