My German Shepherd is bitting alot!

by Vanessa

How can i make my GSD stop bitting - his teeth are getting sharper and its hurting!

we tell him no! and give him a little spanken! but no it doesnt work!!

and he hurt my little dog a lot bites him like if hes a chew toy!! HELP!!

Total German Shepherd:

Training! Training! Training! You need to get your puppy, and you too, in a training class to learn how to react to this behavior and how best to teach your puppy not to do this.

You can sign up for a training class (best choice) or you can try to do it yourself by buying a training course and following through - which may have mixed results depending on how much work you put into the training.

But that is what you need to do - to train your German Shepherd. There is one course below if you decide to go the at home route I'll suggest you might want to check into but if you can, the in-class dog training is usually much much better and has better results because you have a dog trainer helping lead you through the process.

At any rate, if you want to check out the at home course just click on the banner below to learn more about it.

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