My German Shepherd is not eating

by patel
(montgomery, al)

My 7 month old has stopped eating since past 3 day, he will not eat his dog food at all, we gave him scrambled egg once which he ate, but it has been 3 days he hasn't had any food at all, we r really worried about that

Total German Shepherd:

It's not uncommon for dogs to sometimes go off their food for a few meals and in most cases it's nothing to worry about. I mean, if you feel ill, do you want to stuff some food in your belly? Probably not I'll bet. And the same thing is true in your pets.

However this seems to possibly be something different I'll bet. Please, please, please take your puppy to the vet to have it checked out. It may not be anything exceptionally bad but better safe than sorry - if you ask me.

Plus you'll know what the problem is and what the treatment needs to be - and you won't be wondering. "What should I do?" Good luck.

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Apr 06, 2012
Re: GSD Not Eating....
by: Carey Davis

We have a 16 month old GSD named Moses. Like others who love GSDs... we cannot imagine loving another dog this much EVER again. He is incredible, and is my working service dog.

About 8 months ago, we started to have alot of trouble getting Moses to eat processed dog food. It didnt matter that it was 5-star rated, made in the USA grain free, and all natural... he started to turn his nose up, more and more often.

We tried several different brands, and even tried frozen "raw" diets. We of course took him to the vet,more than once, and when we finally struggled with even that we ran some blood tests on him. Turned out, he WAS literally GOING HUNGRY. Low on protein, vitamins, and a bit underweight.

At that point, I hung up with the vet, and cooked him some eggs, over-easy, a little bacon, threw in some left over beef brisket and a spoonful of applesauce, and he ATE EVERY BITE, and asked for MORE. I discussed this with my vet, and considered my history, growing up on a farm, feeding our dogs scraps.

They were healthy, and lived a long time for the most part. My vet concurred, and said, 70 years ago, we didnt have such a thing as "dog food". They ate what we ate! So, now that is exactly what we feed Moses... obviously, with consideration of his nutritional needs, and HEALTHY cooking.

We are baking a lot of chickens, and eating a lot of roast beef. But it is cost effective... WE are eating better...and most importantly, Moses is eating three healthy meals a day.

German Shepherds are EXTREMELY loyal, owner-attached dogs. They are NOT stupid by any description and your puppy knows you are not eating that nasty dog kibble. If he wants the steak... let him have one (careful, no cooked bones). :)

Do, however, converse with your veterinarian to get ideas, recipes, books, and help with feeding your dog a human diet in a HEALTHY manner, and we do supplement some powdered vitamins in his food as needed. :) Finally... if you are worried about cost, I can tell you that the baked chicken (careful not to give cooked bones), is a lot less expensive per meal than the very pricey dog food we were feeding. Good luck.

Oct 02, 2011
Feeding woes too
by: texaspeg

We had GSD all the time our boys were growing up. When our last dog was killed by accident we stopped having dogs because our kids were getting too old to give the attention.

We're now 62 and 72 yrs of age now and retired with plenty of time. We got a 14 mo old from a lady who had become ill and had to rehome him.

He's about 16-17 months old now and we didn't know we could love a dog so much. We only want the best for our baby Bear 77 lbs. now so we have tried raw and grain free dry kibble.

Our idea was one meal dry and one raw every day but we have had terrible time getting him to eat this way. He think this is how a dog eats... and he isn't a dog, he's like Mom and Dad. So he wants what we eat.

We buy him TOTW salmon and the roasted fowl kind. Still not a lot of luck. He'd still rather just have a grilled Ribeye with us, that's fine with him. He had eaten some of the salmon made kibble but only when I feed it to him by hand.

It is torture for myself and hubby to just put something down and say eat it or starve and we still pursevere. He is 77 lbs. Our vet says not over 80 lbs so it comforts us that he isn't starving but he begs to eat with us.

We love him so much.... and... he use to hit the litter box when he could but we stopped that ASAP. Something about the protein in cats poop I'm told. Good Luck

Apr 15, 2011
Not Eating
by: Lt. Ronald McCarty

I've had German Shepherds now for 20 years. I've never had them not eat for 3 days but after the first day they would be to the Vet.
There is a reason for everything but there is one thing that I have found that I never hear anybody talk about. My dogs won't eat canned dog food ever since we have been cooking their meals. They only want the beef, chicken, pork or fish that we prepare for them. We found that they get bored with their food and change was necessary. Now there are those that say they will eat what they get. We have never treated our dogs that way. Our food bill was $275.00 every two weeks. From seven now down to four our food bill has dropped off but cooking fresh meat and adding that to their kibble has reduced our cost greatley. Feeding 100 to 130 pound GSD's at over $2.00 a can was killing us.
We alternate beef, chicken, pork and fish each day. One large roasted chicken breast with juices added + vitiams/minerals ground up and mixed into the kibbles make them go crazy when they see their food bowls.
Another situation we experienced was when one of our young GSD's just wanted to play. Eating was second!
Variety in food may be an issue. Remember,cows graise but dogs eat meat.
Good luck, I wish the best for your PUP!
R. McCarty

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