My German Shepherd is the Greatest Dog Soccer Player Ever

by Debbie

My German Shepherd Rodie is the best dog soccer player I have ever seen! Heck, in fact he is better than a lot of human players I have seen out on the field.

And he was just born with this talent come to find out. We got him a Varsity Ball a few years back because he is such a ball lover and it was just love at first site.

As soon as we put the ball down, he smelled it, took a second to collect his thoughts and then just started playing with it like he was possessed with some European soccer star ghost. Just see for yourself!

The rest, they say, is history, because we still have that same Varsity Ball and he gets to play with it several times a week. We don't keep it out all the time because we want to keep it special to him (plus we like to supervise him as he plays with it because it is super hard).

Besides, the rest of the yard is well supplied with various Jolly balls in various stage of demise ;~) so he has plenty to keep him busy - not to mention all the other kinds of balls in the house he has to choose from. Yeah, he is a little spoiled, I'll admit it!

But as German Shepherds go, he is indeed a ball specialist - he loves balls and pretty much balls alone. So don't give him a frisbee, or a kong or any other toy - just a simple ball will keep him occupied for hours! And he'd be as happy as a clam for sure!

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Mar 24, 2013
My German Shepherd is the Greatest Dog Soccer Player Ever
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Rodie sure is a Great Soccer Player! Good for him. I can't believe he doesn't pop a hole in it. Mia my GSD, is same way she loves balls any type of balls with soccer or football she will pop it. Good Luck with Rodie. Take care of your boy and he will take care of you!

Mar 22, 2013
Awesome Job Rodie!
by: Ruger's Mom

Great job, great exercise! I love to watch dogs as they play with a ball like this. But watch his nose for any sore spots, I have a labrador retiever that loves to roll (bowling balls) not meant for him, that is. Around the yard, you know the ones youve decorated with stones for your garden. He got a big bump on his nose from rolling it too enthusiatically. Besides he lost the ball in the woods somewhere, never to be found. But I loved watching Rodie under your supervision, he will not lose that yellow ball! Roscoe snuck off with that bowling ball, yes, I heard it roll across the porch and it was gone gone.

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