My German Shepherd is Too Friendly

by Fredy
(Fresno, Ca)

My gsd

My gsd

Here is another great question we recently got in from Fredy in California about his German Shepherds behavior. So, here it is:


Problem: My German Shepherd is Too friendly

I have a 9 month old gsd. And he is too friendly around strangers.

He barks at them when they are outside our fence. But when they get in the fence he starts waggin his tail as if he knows them.

What should i do so that he could protect the house when we are away. We live in a bad neighborhood.

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Aug 26, 2010
GSD is way to friendly
by: Anonymous

My German shepherd is very friendly to everyone and wonder if he would protect our family and home when away. He is two years old and a frisbee and toy freak and would play with anyone at the parks and so on. I wondered if a stranger threw his frisbee if he would just play with them instead of doing his guard duties to protect our home if we are away. I still question myself about this. I have not yet ever seen any kind of warning signs towards any stranger yet. I grew up with GSD most of my life so I know there loyal to familys and been known to guard there family.He just happens to be the most friendly GSD I ever owned. I would feel better if I knew he would watch over us and our home or not.Other then that... he is awesome and everything i want and a perfect fit for my active family.Im glad you ask this question because it helps to know that Im not the only GSD owner who was concerned about this. Any GSD out there that are frisbee freaks too?? :)

Jul 18, 2010
Great Stories
by: Rich

Great protection Stories!

Mar 19, 2010
Don't worry
by: Anonymous

Don't worry at all. A well socialized Shepherd knows the difference between good and bad situations. It is far better for him to be friendly with strangers than aggressive. He will protect you when it counts have some faith.

German Shepherd Training

I have a 2 year old male who is friendlier than any lab you'll meet and won't even bark when people come to my door yet there has been multiple occasions where he's showed a strong protective instinct in situations I felt uncomfortable. He'd do anything do protect me if it came down to it and so would your dog.

Mar 06, 2010
GSD Too friendly???
by: Anonymous

Relax, dogs have a way of knowing good from bad in people. he is still a puppy and will be until he reaches the age of 18 months. He will come around.

Mar 05, 2010
Your GSD will be FINE when it counts.
by: Sam

And let?s hope it never comes to that but have faith in your dog?s instincts.

My 4 year old Phoebe is sweet, friendly, loves people, lets then pet her and handle her like she was their own. I was a little worried about it too. She even lets big guys lean into our car and pet her.


Then one day when walking in the park a couple of collage age guys (who should have known better) started running down a hill in our direction hollering about the beautiful dog.

Phoebe suddenly put herself between me and the running students, stiffened her legs, lowered her head and waited never taking her eyes off them. I had to yell at them to stop. Stop right where they were.

I put Phoebe into a sit and then a down/stay. I told them to walk slowly a little closer but not to reach out to her. The moment they started moving again she was on her feet and attentive. I put her BACK in her sit and told her it was alright.

The point being, she would have protected me if anything has been going wrong. My huge, big dopey baby of a dog who loves everyone was having none of those guys running at us.

If it ever comes to it, your dog will put its love for you and your family before being friendly to a stranger.

Mar 04, 2010
it will come
by: wendy

Hi. I had a situation that sounds like yours. My guy was very friendly to all who came over, even when we were not home. He would hang out with a guest in the backyard and just wait for us to come home.

We never thought he would actually guard the house, so we were quite surprised to come home one night to find the door broken & evidence that someone had TRIED to get in. There was our goofy guy...sitting in the foyer with a piece of denim in his mouth! Then we noticed blood! (not a lot)

We think he must have taken a chunk of jeans and a bit of ankle from whoever broke in the door. Nothing was stolen & all the mess was in the front hall, so they didn't get too far into the house before he got 'em!

So don't worry, your guy will know when something hinky is going on & instinct/breeding will come out...then look out baddies!

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