My German Shepherd puppy fear urinates at the vet

by Ahmed

Hi, I have a 9 months old German Shepherd puppy who is not an Adult yet. My dog is very very social, sometimes when strangers are approaching he barks and take two or three steps back from the gate sometimes he just bark more confidently and it is not related to the specific person at the gate as he did the two behaviours for the same person.

Yesterday I was at the vet; for the first time he became really afraid even before going to the vet room (he gets not comfortable on ceramic floors and at the vet they have that) when the vet was trying to check him he started to pee(out of fear) it was very obvious that it was out of fear. I dont know the bloodlines of the dog, but to me he seem to have a balanced and typical GSD behaviour.

I am somehow experienced with dogs especially large breeds; I had 5 dogs before and I do alot of readings, but not an expert or even close to that, I am just a good informed owner.

My question is about the peeing behaviour and will that dog be seriously shy or fear biter? anything I can do? he is howse broken and have his obedience training through me, he was very easy to train, he is challenging me from time to time but still on the right track in my opinion. Pls advice. Thanks

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