My German Shepherd Puppy is Biting

I have tried to use puppy language and have followed your technique with our puppy and have had no luck.

He is now 4 months old and when I try to correct him he takes a stance and begins to aggressively bark as if he is going to attack.

I love our puppy and for the most part he is gentle, we do not play tug-of-war or wrestle with him. Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you,

Jeaneene Solano

Total German Shepherd:

The best thing I could ever suggest to you would be to get your GSD puppy into a training class (you too) ASAP! Either in a real physical class at someones business, or by having a trainer come to your house to work with you both or through buying a training class for home use.

But training is needed - German Shepherds are really smart and need training - and if you don't get the puppy under control while it is small you will be setting yourself up for real problems a few more months down the road when the dog grows into a full grown adult.

And here is one dog training home course below that you may want to check into right now. Good luck.

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