My German Shepherd Puppy, Rocky (updated)

by Srikar
(Bangalore, India)

when we first brought him home! 42 days old

when we first brought him home! 42 days old

Rocky - my 6 and a half month old GSD!

Hi friends! Rocky is my first GSD whom i love a lot! He loves going on walks, fetching things, and many more to mention. He is one super dog!

He digests almost anything and everything-once ate my sock, almost half of my ipod headphones also.

He barks when someone knocks on the door! But the problem is when they come and pat him, he becomes very friendly. Will he protect me when he grows into an adult?

And whenever we go on walks, he whines when he sees the other older dogs. Why is that?
okay, and here are some of his pics. Enjoy!
bye friends..

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Nov 24, 2011
Very handsome
by: Lynn

Rocky is so handsome! Your question about protecting you... he should naturally learn to do this as he becomes a mature dog because of his love/loyalty to you.

My girls in the past all were protectors. They reasoned when they needed to do this, not just being a Barney Bad Butt for the sake of being so.

Once my girl's matured, I always felt safe with them around. You will also with Rocky! Get him into good training classes while he is still an adolescent. You both will enjoy the work and instruction.

Sep 26, 2011
by: MW

Give your GSD TLC and he will naturally protect his territory. More intense training if thats what your after. I would rather have a dog that whines when he meets older dogs rather than be overly aggresive. Remember he is still growing up so TRAIN.

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