My German Shepherd Puppy, She Bites :(

by Grace

I have a German Shepherd puppy and she keeps on biting me and pulling my pants and just loves to chew on my shoes, especially if I'm wearing them!

whenever I hold her she starts pulling my hair with her mouth and she keeps on trying to reach the necklace around my neck!

If I try to give her a kiss on the head, her first response would be to pull her face up and try to bit me.

she runs around the house and pees whenever she drinks water. I'm trying to teach her manners but I don't think that shes gonna learn anything soon.

she keeps on putting her head in the garbage and she ends up toppling it over and I end up hitting her but she takes it as an invitation to play/bite me.

Am I the one causing the problem or is my dog just unstable?

Total German Shepherd:
Your puppy is just being a puppy. All those behaviors you mentioned are totally normal for the puppy because it is exploring it's world - and they do that primarily with their mouths. And the peeing inside - that's a house training issue that needs to be addressed.

But before I go any further let me say this - please DON'T HIT YOUR PUPPY. It won't make them learn anything and it will make the puppy fear you too. Your puppy is a baby - you wouldn't hit a baby would you?! I didn't think so.

But you do need to remember a few key tools you need as a puppy owner are - Patience, Patience and Patience. Plus, plenty of exercise for the puppy would probably be a close second in my book - because a tired puppy is a happy puppy (plus they get in less trouble when they're tired and resting).

You have to remember that no puppy of any kind comes pre-made as the perfect pet -just the same as no baby comes as the perfect person. You have to train them and teach them to make them that way. And if you don't train your GSD puppy (using the right methods - not hitting or yelling) the right things to do (what you accept) then how do you ever expect them to ever pick it up?

It is your duty as a responsible pet owner to train your German Shepherd puppy what you accept and what is a "no-no". And if you don't know how to train your GSD yourself, and most people don't, please sign up for a dog or puppy training class. It's the best money you'll ever spend - I promise!

Not only will you be taught how to train the puppy but the German Shepherd puppy will receive training as well as vital socialization skills! Plus you'll have people to talk to who are probably having the same dog training issues. So please check into getting in a dog training class in your area.

And lastly, if there is absolutely no dog training class in your area there are many courses online that you can find offering help on dog training and also many dog training books.

But you will have to do it yourself either way - you'll have to train your German Shepherd puppy so that you can live together so please don't give up on your GSD puppy - just get up and get the puppy in a dog training class asap!

I've included a link to a very good dog training program here as well in case you're interested in learning more. Good luck with your GSD puppy - train her, play with her and enjoy her!

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