My German Shepherd Renno, R.I.P.

by Arsena McIntire
(Mansfield, OH)

My daughter was abducted at the age of 8 months. I went kinda crazy, and then in November of 1996 I got a 12 week old female German Shepherd Dog that I named Renno, after a book I read with my grandfather as a child. She helped me heal, she became my substitute child and my best friend.

In the time I had her I fostered many many German Shepherd Dogs from a rescue and cats as well. She was a calming presence and an inspiration to me as well.

In her 10th year Hondo a GSD puppy joined us. On December 12, 2007 her health was finally so bad that she had to be euthanized. Being the coward I was and very upset I could not stay in the room with her. It's my biggest regret.

I let my baby down in her last moments. I just hope she has forgiven me. She unselfishly gave me 11 wonderful years and I like to think she would have.

I miss you Renno and I love you so very very much. You're never far from my heart and mind sweetie.

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Aug 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

She will always love her for the kindness, love, etc. that you gave her. She will be waiting for you on the other side.

Take care of yourself.

Jun 04, 2012
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

First let me say your precious Renno loved you with her whole heart, no doubt. Second, it's time for you to forgive yourself. Some people just can't do it, to go thru with it all the way.

It's hard but when I lost my Ebony, (black Lab) we held her, we told we Loved her and Kissed her as she went to Heaven, we had to be with her. Two weeks later God gave me Mia she was 12 weeks old and now is 2 years old.

It's so hard to let go, you did the best you could at that time, your Renno loves you and she is with you in your Heart and she watching over you.

Remember Renno for All her life not just the last moments and smile when you remember when she did somthing that amused or amazed you, I'm sure there are a lot of good memories to remember. God Bless Renno!!!

Jun 02, 2012
My German Shrpherd Renno, R. I. P.
by: Cheryl Schaefer

Thank you for sharing your story about Renno. It is so hard when we lose our fur-ever friends. This last October, we had to help our 12 yr. old German Shepherd, Phoebe, cross the Rainbow Bridge. We now have Chloe; she will be 1, on June 29th. She is so much a part of our family. Hugs to you. R. I. P., Renno!

Jun 01, 2012
by: Lt. Ronald McCarty Sr Ret.

My German Shepherd Renno, R.I.P.

by Arsena McIntire
(Mansfield, OH)
Everyone handles this dreadful deed differently for their own personal reasons. Me personally when the time comes, I try to have my German Shepherds die in my arms regarless of whether they are put down or pass on their own.

That said, it's how I handle it. I've had one German Shepherd die at the Vet's Office when I left her there for observation and I have never lived it down.

It is my belief that Renno was well aware of why you had to leave the room and knowing the pain you were going through faithfully accepted the reasoning.

Your Renno loved you before and your Renno loves you more now than ever before. Her Spirit awaits you and she will greet you with wide open paws when you crossover the Rainbowbridge.

Jun 01, 2012
R.I.P. Renno
by: louiseC

She forgives you. RIP Beautiful Renno

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