My German Shepherd Riikka, My Protector and Best Friend

by Megan Zellman

This is my German Shepherd Riikka. She was born August 8th, 2004. She is my protector and best friend. Whenever someone new comes around she is at my side and does not leave until she is absolutely sure everything is going to be ok, and even then I can be sure she is not far away.

She lives for rides in the truck. Whenever I get into the truck she looks at me like "can I go this time?" If I say yes, she jumps in and heads straight to the passenger side seat. That is her place and no one can tell her differently.

We have another German Shepherd Ekko, who 3 weeks ago had a litter of puppies. Ekko had to have a c-section and stay at the vet, so we had to bring the puppies home without her for the night. We had to feed them by bottle every 3-4 hours, but we also knew we couldn't just leave them the rest of the time by themselves.

We had to make sure they were stimulated to go potty and didn't feel abandoned as well. So we showed them to Riikka and she took over immediately. She licked their little faces and took care of them except for the feeding the whole night. She loved them as her own and If she had been able to produce milk she would have fed them as well.

Those little babies had an easier night without their mom, because of the wonderful and caring animal that Riikka is. She helped us save their lives that night. She is my perfect girl and I love her dearly.

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Apr 28, 2011
Cuddos to Riikka and owner
by: Lorrie/Star Shepherds

Riikka is beautiful, Regal, Intelligent, Protective, Instinctive...the best of GSD Characteristics! I am Your FB friend and have enjoyed your pictures. I am Star Kennels own 4 exceptional GSD's as well, could rave all day about my is nice to see another enthusiast that loves thier dogs for more than just making money. Riikka deserves recognition!

German Shepherd Training

Apr 28, 2011
Riikka is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
by: Anonymous

Your Riikka is just gorgeous. Your description of her personality warmed my heart because my GSD, Romeo, is very protective and loving as well. Aren't GSD's just the best? I'd love to see pictures of those puppies. :) Thanks for your story and photo. I enjoyed it.

Jan Drymon
San Antonio, TX

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