My German Shepherd / Wolf Hybrid, Cesaer

by Kristen baughman
(portage Pa 15946)

Mein Braver Hund :)

Mein Braver Hund :)

I was 14 when I first set eyes on this beaufil shepherd wolf stray my father had fed and taken in. Of course we didn't know he was wolf Hybrid until his later years in life when his colours started to fade into the classic gray wolf shown here in these pictures he even had the "eye" on his tail.

When he first adopted us he looked like the classic shepherd, and he was starved weighing 79 pounds soaking wet the vet estimated his age by his teeth as 7. but even for being starved he would let the cats eat from his food bowls. he never growled at us.

I think he growled at my dad once because cesaer bonded with my step mother right off the bat and my dad was teasing her the once but that was the only time. He eventually wasn't so starved as you can see in the pictures he was spoiled rotten at our house.

i think he weighted in at 120+ when he was at the vet last. I miss him in so many ways, I moved to my dads house in PA when I was eighteen because my mother never raised me properly and was very abusive so one day i just packed up and drove to PA.

since i didnt have a job I was at home the most with cesear when the folks were at work. he was the quorkiest thing :) We think the people that had him before us possibly even the breeders never played with him because he never played with toys once in a while he would get riled up and prance around with dad on the floor.

He was very loyal, and very fun when the pesky people handing out flyers came to the doors. Well since he was a stray he never left our property so after a while we just let him roam he always came back.

The one night I was home my parents were attending the marine ball near quantico. I left cesaer out and he went about his business. well I hear him barking but it sounds faint, so i get the flashlight and search the property he's no where to be found.

I fearing the worse walk the street. still no cesaer I reach the garage and here him barking. The garage was finished but the basement entrance is through the garage there was no steps just a cinderblock hole where the steps were going. we covered the hole with plywood so no critters would get into the basement, well lo and behold, he was in the hole. which is about eight feet down.

Now the miraculous thing was he was totally fine he was just sitting there patiently. Well frantically i called mom and dad then the pound (just to help me get hm out.) He was far too huge to pick up.)

I told the guys before they got him out that he didnt like strange men and that he might bite and they were fine with it well they got two grab polls and pulled him out by his neck (which worried me but i knew they knew what they were doing) he went over and licked their hands.

he didn't limp he was totally fine. He was just always an amazing dog I miss him very much.

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