My German Shepherd Xiena has the funniest character!

by Sue Mudge
([email protected])

She loves to play with pine cones, in fact she is totally obsessed with them and playing is just an understatement!

As soon as I get home from work she will come and talk to me (meaning she wants to play). Her talking is a gentle grunt which sounds similar to a Hippo grunting. She will follow me around the house from window to window – jump up against it, talk to me and then actually look for me – to see if she can spot me in the room.

Anyway if I don’t acknowledge her because I am busy with household chores or preparing supper or evening watching my favourite TV series, she will come running into the house (if the door was left open) with a cone in her mouth and run up to me and jump at me (regardless of whether I am standing or sitting down). This is all to egg me on and make me come outside to play her favourite retrieving game.

If I don’t respond after her egging me on a few times she will resort to desperate measures and grab whatever is lying around in her way. It can be a bucket, a shoe, a mop, a bag, a small rug, washing – anything that may be lying on the floor that I am busy with. She will run out with it an buck back like a little horse and egg me on to catch her with it. This is her way of ensuring that I will come outside and play with her.

Of course she knows that all I need to do is pick up a view pine cones and throw these for her and she will drop whatever object she dragged from the house and run in total jubilation – catching her prized possession!

She does not get tired of doing this – only takes short drinking brakes and a quick splash in her pond (yes the pond was built for her and has a little water fountain splashing out of it which fills the pond with refreshing tap water). She will splash and splash not forgetting to take her pine cones with her, and submerge her whole head in the water as well. Well mom it does not get more refreshing than that!

Only to resume her game as soon as her thirst has been quenched. The attention is priceless, she will also do her obedience training for it before I decide to throw her a cone. The drive is incredible and her intelligence too!

She is a very happy German Shepherd, healthy too – only splits her nails from time to time as she comes to a screeching halt trying to catch her pine cones in mid-air most of the time.

She is very much loved and a stunning looking dog as well.I would quite frankly never have another dog! Totally hooked on GSD’s.


Sue Mudge

Total German Shepherd:

Hi Sue,

Thanks so much for telling us all about your wonderful Xiena - she sounds like quite the dynamo!! Since you didn't attach a picture I added one for you.

Please feel free to send us an update soon about more of Xiena's exploits and a few photos of her as well. We all love looking at pictures of German Shepherds all day long! :)

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