My German Shepherd Zeeks dog aggression

by Melanie
(Columbia Hts, Mn.)

I have a 9mo old German Shepherd named Zeek . he is very aggressive toward other dogs as specialy smaller ones.

Everytime someone walks by our house with a dog he goes crazy ..his hair stands up and he snarls and barks,

we took him to the dog park and he actually attacked another little puppy. Other than this he is a very good boy and learns quickly..

he did complete obediance 1, to learn to sit down and heel.. he's not very good a coming or stay yet.. but when I try to stop him by holding him with the gentle leader he tries to bite me..

just bruses no broken skin yet ... not sure what to do...

can you help... thanks Melanie E.

Total German Shepherd:

Your dog needs training right now! More training than you've already had because if you don't get him under control now things'll get much worse as he matures.

Right now he's an adolescent full of hormones questioning your authority and running the house - you need to take control back and become the alpha and make him understand that he is not in charge.

I assume he hasn't been fixed yet and if this is true I would surely recommend it to cut down on the hormone levels for one but also for the possibility of future unwanted pups as well as all the health benefits involved with neutering.

Also, get in contact with a trainer asap and schedule some classes to help learn what to do to get this guy back under your control. I wouldn't advise trying to train him only on your own at this point as he doesn't feel you are the leader and doesn't respect you.

You will definitely need outside help and lots of work. It can be fixed but it won't be easy and it won't be overnight. Good luck.

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