My German Shepherd Zorro is Very Protective of Me

by Sharon E. Brock

What a cutie - looks like he's grinning!

What a cutie - looks like he's grinning!

ZORRO is a sweet boy who loves his Momma (me) , and his tennis ball . I can walk out in the back yard and say '' ZORRO , where is your ball ? '' and he will go and get it and bring it to me for ''playtime ''

He loves his new Chihuahua adopted baby brother , Pistol , and is very gentle around him ( Pistol is 12 weeks old and weighs 2 pounds ...they are sweet together ) .

He HATES the vet with a passion . It's a '' battle royale '' when he goes so now we have to sedate him and muzzle him to carry him for checkups and shots . The sedatives work because last time we went he fell asleep in the exam room waiting on the doctor .

He is very , very protective of me and does not allow strangers around the house but if you walk out in the backyard with me and you let him smell the back of your hand , he's fine and will allow you to pet and love on him.

Overall he is one of the best pets I have had the pleasure of owning . I love him !!!

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Jun 09, 2013
Zorros collar
by: Anonymous

Can you tell me what is the collar made of?

Jul 06, 2012
by: Linda Arnold - St :Louis

What a handsome male Shepherd Zorro is! Great name for a Protector!

He has a loving family who truly Loves him. He loves his tennis ball and so does my Mia, actually any ball even a soccer ball.

Even though German Shepherds are very protective they Love to play and do have a gentle side of them but if there is a stranger - then the protectiveness kicks in - watch out.

Take care of your boy and he will take care of you!

Jul 01, 2012
My German Shepherd Zorro is very Protective of Me
by: Cheryl Schaefer

Hi! Sharon,
Thank you for your story about Zorro. He is such a handsome boy! I love his photo. Our German Shepherds sure love their balls! Continue to have a fun, & full life together!

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