My Little German Shepherd, Rocky Boby

by kennath
(Sri Lanka)

As i saw him my heart wanted him so i took him home that very day and named him Rocky.

Rocky was a 3 months old GSD, i spend most of my time with him even at work he will be seated next to me.

he is my best friend and now he is 2 years old and we are in Sri Lanka at present.

every one was thinking that he was a bad boy cause of his looks and people never came close to the gate.

we go for fishing sea baths every thing as i knew he loved me and he too knew that he was my every thing.

just a bout two weeks a go i walked in to the house and i called for rocky, he didn't reply to me so i walk into the room and he was on his bed so as i saw him i hug him and he welcomed me and as i stood up i had 8 bits in a few seconds.

i said rocky stop and i love u and i was crying in pain the next moment knew he was licking me and crying with me.

until this day he comes and kiss my scares and even at nights he wakes up and come and kiss me. it seems like he wants me to forgive him and he knows what he did was wrong..

Some times GSD dogs are very very hard to understand at times,even when i am sick at i tell him rocky i am sick to day, he wont move an inch from me, at nights he will be a wake watching me he is a loving and careing boy, i still dont know what went wrong what did i miss in him for rocky to react in seconds like that

even if your GSD bits u speak to him with love if you beat him he will hate you and do it over and over again

i would like to have an answer from you, what did i miss and where did i go wrong?

German Shepherd Training

Total German Shepherd: Not knowing your dog or being there when it happened, I couldn't even begin to answer this question. Who's to know what causes animals to do what they do sometimes.

But you're right in that you shouldn't punish dogs for something that they've already done in the past because they won't understand what they're being punished for after the fact.

But you might want to consider signing you and your GSD up for some dog training classes if you can or buying a dog training course of some kind to practice with your German Shepherd.

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