My loveable German Shepherd, Blade

by lizabeth moore

my story starts when my husband & I first got our first child. I made him a blanket and bought all the good dog stuff. I didn't think i could have children,so I was happy with a dog.

german shepherds are beautiful,loyal dogs and it seemed the perfect breed.we picked up our puppy,and from the moment I took him in my arms I was in love.He pooped on me on the way home,but i was so happy i did'nt care. my husband on the other hand thought it was hilrious.

From then on, i was momma and we played with each other all day,unless he was sleeping or eating which was a lot. He was about 2months old when he really got in trouble. we had a 20 foot leash in which we hooked up to the kitchen wall that was'nt sheet rocked yet.

we put him on it and ran to the store for about an hour. when we returned,i was shocked to find this. he chewed threw his leash, gnawed on the wood in our kitchen, chewed a corner off our mattress,plus the fitting sheet that was on it and 3 pairs of my flip flops.

He was put outside for a bit for that and we put in the extra time to train him not to chew on our things. thankfully, we and him discovered rawhide bones and he has'nt chewed on anything but his bones and toys since.

When he was about 6 months old, i found out i was pregnant.I love him so much,and i think having him around was the reason i was able to conceive my daughter. He's still my first child in my eyes, and my daughters brother or so i tell her.

this is the first story of many,but my favorite. GERMAN SHEPHERDS RULE!!!

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Jan 30, 2011
nice story
by: Anonymous

a touching story, very nice.

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