My mischievous German Shepherd, Max

by Mike

Our German Shepherd, Max, is the most loyal dog you can imagine. We have a lot of guys around the house from time to time, and while he is at first unsure of newcomers, when he sees that they are a part of the group he always settles in and includes them in his "herd".

Because he is a German Shepherd, he is by nature protective. I remember once when he was still a puppy, he actually stood between me and my friend who had just come over to watch the game. As soon as he saw that my buddy meant no harm, he was Max's buddy too.

If there's a party at the house, his Shepherd instincts really kick in, and he starts walking around the people, pushing those standing in groups closer together, and then trying to maneuver the groups together. Needless to say, his suburban setting doesn't prevent Max from using his native instincts!

But, like all dogs, Max can be entirely too mischievous. Once when we were making cheeseburgers, he ate an entire block of cheese that was sitting next to the grill. Still not satisfied, he proceeded to eat the buns right out of the bag!

When he was four, we got max a little friend. The newest dog, Sam, is part rottweiler, but also part Alsatian, so Max must feel some kindred to him. The two of them together are welcome members of our little family.

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Nov 15, 2011
great name
by: Lynn

That is a really good looking picture of a really good looking German Shepherd Dog. And a great name for him too, BTW. I've had a GSD named Max before and he was quite the handful too. Thanks for telling us all about him.

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