My New Black German Shepherd Puppy

by terry
(orange N.S.W australia)

as a german shepherd lover for many years I went serching for a black and fortunatly i found one.

i am not young now days so starting again with a pup is a challenge.

i think you would call her a Lacquer black her mother is an australian ped pure black and dad is an imported black im not shure where from i think europe somewhere. she is now 4 months old and learning very quickly,

one of the most important tasks for her was to learn to walk and trot beside my WHEELCHAIR as i can no longer walk very far and its the most important for her to get the exersize she needs.

we started with only going a short distance to start with and within a week we were trotting over a kilometer we now travel about two kilometers a day if the weather is ok for me to get out.

I wish i could do more with her as she seems so willing to learn...

Regards Terry.

Total German Shepherd:

Hey Terry,

Congratulations to you on the arrival of your new buddy in the form of a furry little black GSD. Bless your heart on getting her - I am sure she will provide you years of companionship, happiness and joy!

Teaching her to walk with your wheelchair is quite an accomplishment! Good for you - and getting her used to that device will help her be a stronger, more accepting GSD too since not all German Shepherds, or dogs in general, ever come in contact with one of those.

Do your best to socialize her all you can and get her training if possible and I hope you both stay super healthy so you can enjoy each others company for many years to come. Thanks so much for sharing your story here with us. Maybe in the future you can send us some pictures of you both!

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Feb 09, 2014
Black Or White Is A Great Alternative
by: John Romano

When our beloved Rocky passed away almost 4 years ago we were devastated. I wanted another Shepherd to fill the void but my wife said no because she couldn't bear to see another dog that looked like him.

Since we wanted to rescue this time a nice man at Garden State GS Rescue suggested a white one to solve the look alike issue but as we continued to search we came upon a beautiful black 10 month old found roaming the streets just a few months earlier. We took him home, named him Midnight & he has turned into a wonderful addition to the family & my wife has totally fallen in love with him. Rocky remains in our hearts with many fond memories & I can't help but think he was responsible for guiding us to Midnight.

Feb 04, 2014
by: terry

Many thanks to Linda and Cathy and of course gsd.
I have sent a picture and im waiting for it to be published I will be sending more as time goes by.
regards Terry

Jan 30, 2014
My New Black German Shepherd Puppy
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Congratulations on your new baby!!! German Shepherds are Amazing breed, it doesn't matter what color or what sex the dog is, they have the same characteristics and instincts. They are Loyal, Trustworthy, Obedient and Loving. Mia, my girl is 4 years and is Amazing!!! Take care of your baby and she will take care of you!

Jan 30, 2014
by: Cathy Chee

Congrats on your new black baby

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