My New German Shepherd Rescue, Lexi

by Pam Pfeifer
(Knoxville, tn, usa)

She looks comfortable, huh?

She looks comfortable, huh?

I had a German Shepherd as a child, but as an adult had had only cats. When we finally decided it was time for a dog I told my husband I wanted another German Shepherd.

I really wanted a purebred, but wanted to rescue one from a shelter. You would not believe how many you can find. All the shelters have pics online now and I would look through them, call and ask about each one I saw. The people at the shelters were amazingly knowledgable about the dogs in their care and whether they would be good for kids and cats.

It took about 6 months of looking until we found Lexi. She was a one year old pure bred whose owner said he didn't realize he had gotten too old for such a big dog. She wasn't house trained, had solely lived outside, but hadn't been abused.

She was incredibly hyper when I got her. I walked her for an hour every morning and every evening for 6 months until her energy level finally calmed. And thankfully she hasn't killed the cat, but she has killed bunnies, squirrels, and a possum. One time she snatched a squirrel right off the tree while we were walking on the leash!

But what a good dog! She has learned to sit, stay, lie down, heel on the leash, shake and speak. At night I tell her "It's bedtime" and she goes right to her crate. If she could shut the door she would. She's always by my side , wherever I go. She only barks when someone is at the door and she's protective of her family while not being aggressive or vicious.

I encourage everyone to rescue a dog. I see many German Shepherds for sale for $1500 or more. Lexi cost $90 and came spade with all her shots. She hasn't had a single health problem not skin or hips which many in this breed can have. We've had her for 4 years now and I can't imagine life without her. She's my best friend.

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Mar 06, 2013
My boys
by: Denise

I got my two German Shepherd from a Breeder in Rhode Island. My first german shepherd had a very light color it was almost like he could of been a golden retriever, But now he color is a little darker.

Joey is such a well trained boy. Joey knows commands in English and Spanish so I call him my bilingual boy. He can jump up and give you kisses without even touching you with his paws. He's got Talent.

My other german shepherd Dante is a true momma's boy. Any time I come home all the attention has to be on him. He licks my face so much its like getting a facial. He knows how speak for his treats, he's love-able and truely a joy. Dante can also jump and give kisses with out touching you.

Both boys have been with me through my many health Struggle they are truely a part of my life. If its not a German Shepherd its just a dog.,

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