My Sable German Shepherd Puppy, Gertrude

by Charlie
(Orting, WA USA)

It's a short story as we haven't brought her home yet. July 2nd she comes home and I am so excited. She is one of nine and while the others are jumping and whining to get to you, Gertrude is quietly sitting back and watching what is going on. She is the lightest gray and was the first to have both ears up. So, after 25 years as a cat guy, here I go.

Total German Shepherd:

So, hello Charlie, and welcome to the German Shepherd family. I imagine by now that you have your little sable puppy, German Shepherd and I hope the transition from kitty to puppy is going well for you.

I have to admit that I absolutely love the name you have chosen for your new furry child. Very old fashioned, unique and obviously female. Love it. I once had an aunt Gertrude - she was so sweet and I hope your GSD puppy is too.

I can tell you as someone who is in basically the opposite situation, I am a lifelong dog owner and adopted a stray kitty a few years back, that there are basic differences that you'll soon get used to. Probably the biggest is that you will now probably have a little shadow following you everywhere that she can - my cat could care less where I am most of the time if it's not dinner time.

And you will find that the puppy will want and actively search out your attention whereas, in my limited experience anyway, the cat does not except every once in a while - but it's on his terms. Puppies love interaction and this goes a long way in the bonding and training process.

So, overall, again, welcome to our German Shepherd family - we're very friendly people and a lot like our dogs - loyal, helpful and highly intelligent. Good luck with your little Gertrude (just love that name!) and send us more pics later if you can.

And readers - thanks so much for reading and please come back often to see what else is going on in our developing German Shepherd community. And you're free to join us and tell us the story of your own German Shepherd Dog or puppy - so send them in - just make sure that you include at least about 250 words (more is absolutely fine too) or so to make the page nice and full and include a few pictures to brag a little about your own cherished German Shepherd.

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Jul 20, 2011
Linda A - St Louis
by: Your GSD Puppy, Gertrude

Congratulations on your new Puppy, Gertrude. Dogs are wonderful, there's nothing like it, they are incredible! When one gets a puppy it is alittle bit of work with training, what is expected the dos and don'ts etc like potting trainning take her outside, when she wakes up, after she eats, before going to bed for the night, during the day about 40 minutes or if she starts to snuff around, say "outside", and give her the command "go potty", or what you decide to call it,(we use pee pee, wee wee, poo poo, woo woo), when she goes, praise her, praise her, good girl and give her a litte treat. I used to buy MilkBone Puppy Biscuits and break them in halfs or thirds, it will go alittle further (I do miss those days), believe me she catch on. You might be busy with friends, family or whatever, but remember, she only has YOU! Take care of Gertrude and she will take of You!

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