My White German Shepherd Seguin - He's Become the Dog of My Dreams

by Lisa W

Attached please find a picture of Seguin - Seguin = "SAY-gun" (Seguin Vom Zarya), a dog I rescued five months ago. I never in a million years thought I'd have a White German Shepherd, but when I learned about this unsocialized, untrained, fearful five month old puppy from a fellow trainer, I knew that he needed help and fast.

I paid to have him shipped to me from TX to ME, and when he arrived, I sincerely wondered what on earth I'd done. He was more jumpy, barky, nippy, nervous and hyper than I had imagined. In reviewing his paperwork, I realized he was closely inbred from what I believe is genetically weak stock.

He was so fearful, that in order to socialize him in an unfamiliar place, I had to drive around with the windows open so he could experience it first from the safety of the car. He was afraid of anything new - people, places and things.

With positive reinforcement and daily socialization, exercise and training, he has become an AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, and graduated from a Basic Obedience Class with flying colors. He participated in a "Holiday Pooch Parade" and walked nicely at heel ignoring cheering, lots of people and dogs in costume, and an occasional dog scuffle right behind him.

He'll soon become an AKC Canine Good Citizen, and his future includes competing in K9 Nosework, Agility, Rally-O, AKC Obedience, and getting his BH. It's been a long and challenging road, but I never forgot what someone told me when I was wondering whether I could influence his behavior enough to make him the wonderful, loving family dog he's become.

I was feeling overwhelmed, and a good friend said, "What he really needs is T.O.T." When I asked what that was, she said, "Tincture of Time." She was right. In five months, he's become the dog of my dreams.

Lisa W

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Mar 03, 2012
Seguin Update
by: Lisa

He passed his Canine Good Citizen test this week! I am so proud of this dog. I love him to pieces.

Dec 31, 2011
Wonderful story
by: Nancy, Acer's Mom

I love your story! I have a GSD/Husky mix named Acer and he is my dream dog as well, he is a CGC and we have worked very hard together. Seguin is beautiful. I have Acer's story on this site if you want to look. We are lucky to have our dog's.

Dec 31, 2011
by: Linda A - St Louis

What a Beautiful German Shepherd! He is Lucky that he has you, to take time, patience and the most important ingredient LOVE in his nurturing. Take care of your Seguin and he will be your "angel".

Dec 31, 2011
Bless you Lisa!
by: Anonymous

Bless you Lisa!

Dec 31, 2011
Seguin and Lisa W.
by: Chris

I've so enjoyed reading about Seguin and your efforts to make him whole and happy. It's been a great journey for those of us who don't do what you do to read about this. I

t's made me look at my own dog in a different way, wishing she were younger and I was younger as well to accomplish the same things. She WAS the star at basic obedience, but she was also the oldest dog there!

I look forward to seeing you and Seguin working together and his future accomplishments. T.O.T. a good phrase!

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Thank you for this web site. Very informative and well written. I often advise my shepherd people to visit here for information. Again GREAT JOB.
Laura Page Warden

What a fabulous website!!! I really enjoyed reading about the history of the dogs. There is a ton of helpful information on here and defiantly something for every reader to enjoy!!!
Misty Weaver

Recently got a GSD again. Last time had GSD no internet etc. Cant believe how much info for free. Kenneth

I love and appreciate the helpful advice I found on your website!