My White Shadow, My White German Shepherd, Hollee

by Bonnie Bowes

Just look at that smile!

Just look at that smile!

This is my girl Hollee, now fully grown. She came to me at the young age of 5 1/2 weeks. Much to young to leave Mom and siblings, but Mom turned to be a less than eager Mom. She became quite aggressive with her pups when they barely 4 weeks old (quite possibly even sooner) and the breeder had no choice but to wean them early and send them to their new homes.

My girl came to me very timid, shy, and withdrawn. She soon developed digestive problems and severe allergies to certain ingredients in dog foods. With a lot of patience and hugs and kisses she soon began to blossom and gain confidence. I found the best food for her and she started to grow and shine.

At 4 months of age, while out on a walk one day she was attacked by 2 dogs out loose. I did all I could to get her away from them, but they were relentless. Before I, (and a very kind neighbour) could chase the dogs away Hollee sustained some very serious injuries. She survived – physically – but her spirit was destroyed. She was terrified of everything and everyone afterward. My poor girl, her world was just opening up for her and she thrown into a world of fear and mistrust. Every noise, every sight, every DOG terrified her.

It’s been a long battle, but she never ceases to amaze me. She slowly opened up and began to trust again. She can’t wait for her daily walks. She’s eager to get out and explain the world again. People no longer worry her, Anyone who comes around is automatically drawn into a game of fetch. Her fear of dogs manifested itself into aggression towards strange dogs, but with constant socializing with GOOD dogs she also learned she can trust and play with them too.

She is the smartest dog I have ever known. She knows over a dozen tricks, she amazing with her obedience, but best of all she is affectionate and loving. Sit on my couch and you will have a 70lb lap dog begging for a belly rub within seconds. Where-ever I go she is there, whatever I do she wants to be included in, and every decision I make I believe she thinks she has a say in. She is my shadow – my White Shadow. I adore her, and can’t imagine life without her. She is now truly a very happy dog and when I look at her I know that dogs can smile.

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Mar 01, 2012
by: Linda A - St Louis

She has come a long way but with help and love of her family. I'm glad she is much better and will grow out of that fear and mistrust. Thank God she had YOU to nurture her into a great companion and family member. You gave her the best gift - LOVE! Take care of your girl, she will be your Protector for ever!!!

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