Neutering My GSD

by William Russell

My Dog Kato is coming up for his 3rd Birthday

He is very friendly and only territorial around our house/garden he does not try to stray.

He had (ununited anconeal process) on his front leg which was operated on successfully when he was 6 months.

The vet told me to make sure he stays slim which I have made sure he has

Will it be of any benefit to get him neutered now

Thank you

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Nov 16, 2009
It ain't necessarily so.
by: Anonymous

Beware of myth and wives tales. Testicular cancer is extremely rare. There is no hard evidence that castration has any positive effect on aggression.
The health risks of this type of procedure are very real.

Google the words "Should I spay or should I no". There is more to it than the party line. Why risk the health of your pup for the sake of political correctness? People repeat what they have heard because it seems to make sense but the real science tells a different story. Find the facts and make your own decision.

Nov 15, 2009
Neutering is best option
by: Debbie

I would still recommend it to you and here's why:

Concerning male German Shepherd Dogs, the process of neutering helps to prevent prostate enlargement as well as testicular cancer later on as your dog matures - and cancer is one of the top killers of dogs all over the world.

It also often cuts down on the need to wander by many male dogs and many other negative territorial behaviors often seen in un-neutered males.

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