Our best friend Satchel we love you R.I.P. Buddy,protector,companion.

by Arlen
(Lancaster Pennsylvania)



Satchel was the most loving shepherds anyone could have ever asked for. He was my best buddy an did everything with me including playing at our pool with my family including my other shepherd Cecelia.

All the neighbor kids played with him an he loved it. He was always happy an fun to be with. He was always ready for a good time and made you play with him.

No more pain buddy - your in heaven an we will be together again. You can be with your buddies Smokey the rabbit, Brutes an Missy The cats,Cindy an Seeka our other shepherds.

We found Satchel at a local shelter after Seeka Had passed away. I Knew immediately that he would be a great dog an we both loved each other the minute he came over to me an I picked him up.

We later found out that his hips were not formed properly but it did,t seem to bother him an we had nine good years with him. January 2011 we found a lump on his throat an it turned out to be Lymphoma.

We kept him as comfortable as possible an he still had a lot of good days on his vitamins an steroids. He gradually got weaker an weaker an passed away. R.I.P. Satchel we Love you. Arlen,Barb,Danielle,Alex.

Total German Shepherd:

Arlen, Thank you so much for sharing your sweet and sad story about your wonderful companion - your German Shepherd Dog Satchel. We know that he will be missed but by sharing his wonderful story here you will help him to live on in the memories of others as well and that is a truly wonderful gift.

And I'd like to take the time to encourage all our visitors that are reading along with us here to please leave their condolesences as well. As lifelong German Shepherd owners ourselves, I understand exactly the pain you are going through.

But I can tell you also that it does get better with time.....

If you get the chance, please come back often to see what else is going on in our growing German Shepherd Dog community. BTW, please tell us also exactly what you think about the above story by leaving some interesting comments below.

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