Our German Shepherd Lil Bit Taught us More Than We Knew

by Ronda Myers

Lil Bit was with us 12 good years. She was sweet, bossy, demanding at times and she was always there when we opened the door. She was a chicken when it came to storms.

She'd walk a country mile around her pool when it came bath time. She's shake like a leaf when she had to go to the vets. She was a bully if I ever tried to love on another animal. She wouldn't even let a fly land on me.

She slept with me for a year while my husband worked out of state and when he came home she didn't like it cause she couldn't sleep with me... she'd growl to let him know he wasn't supposed to be in the bed with me. She'd hide her bones under his pillow.

I'd get so tickled at her and tell her to go hide it under daddies pillow. He'd take off in there and tell her she better not put that bone under his pillow, then he'd go take a shower and when he got out and laid down on his pillow I'd hear the bone hit the floor and him fussing at her.I'd smile.

She was a very loyal dog, never knew she was a dog, thought everyone that ever knocked on our door came to see her. Never met a stranger, only jumped at one person in her life with ill will towards and that was because the person was hugh, and slapped her daddy on the back real hard and she thought the guy was trying to hurt her daddy.

She brought 12 yrs of laughter to our life. We had her put to sleep on the 16th, 2012, Oct. It was the hardest decision I ever made then it was even harder to let her go. She was ready and she taught me in her final moment how to deal with death.

She had kept hanging on for 4 days and I didn't know why. When the vet got here to put her to sleep she seemed to know why she was there and what the vet had came to do and she laid her head in my lap and scooted into me resigned to go. I didn't realize she had been waiting so I wouldn't be by myself to go on.

She taught me one last lesson and went in peace. I thank doc at Critter Care in Scottsboro Al. They were great. I'll miss Lil Bit but I have a million laughs to relive. Love you Bit Bit... until we meet again. Love momma

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Oct 27, 2012
by: Linda Arnold St Louis

I know your sorrow and feel your broken heart. Lil Bit had a Loving family and she is not suffering anymore. She is Heaven watching over and protecting you. She will always be in your Hearts. God Bless Lil Bit!

Oct 18, 2012
Been there and know feelings.
by: Mark

God Bless Lil Bit and leave her live on in our memories and prayer.

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