Our German Shepherd Murphy

by alex

Our German Shepherd Murphy

In the photo he was 6 weeks old.

he is not only part of the family but is in training to be part of the business happydogdays.co.uk

He will one day hopefully be helping other dogs overcome problems they have developed.


Total German Shepherd:

Hey there, Alex. It is good to hear from you and to see that wonderful picture of your German Shepherd puppy Murphy.

Thanks so much for taking the time to come here and tell us all about your German Shepherd puppy today. And I absolutely love the picture - that is without one of the cutest German Shepherd puppies that I have ever seen! You can just feel his joy of life. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for this web site. Very informative and well written. I often advise my shepherd people to visit here for information. Again GREAT JOB.
Laura Page Warden

What a fabulous website!!! I really enjoyed reading about the history of the dogs. There is a ton of helpful information on here and defiantly something for every reader to enjoy!!!
Misty Weaver

Recently got a GSD again. Last time had GSD no internet etc. Cant believe how much info for free. Kenneth

I love and appreciate the helpful advice I found on your website!