Our German Shepherd, Rylee girl

by Doug Spear

Woof! I can often be found following my mom and dad around because I'm such a curious, loving, and protective dog.

From back when my dad called me a "quad hopper" because of my huge paws as a puppy to my teenage years when I had to grow into my big cute "satellite" ears, I have always loved playing fetch. My dad used to come down before work and throw my puppy tennis ball across the room and I would chase it as fast as I could to fetch it for him.

My dad and I don't play in the morning now since I sleep in dad's spot in the bed next to mom since she has a later shift at work now. But when dad comes home, it's fetch time!!! Dad throws my favorite toy, my red kong, or rolls it end over end and I love chasing it across the yard!

My mom and dad feed me twice a day, and I love my chicken and rice flavored food and my favorite treats are pieces of Pup-peroni sticks.

Mom and dad have taught me how to sit, lay down, shake, stand on my back feet, catch, stay, and I can fetch all my different toys on command by name (bone, rope, football, tennis ball, kong, sock, and my stuffed animal aka "friend"). I even help my dad carry firewood from his truck to the log holder in my back yard!

I hope you like my pictures, my mom and dad sure do take a lot of them! Woof!

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