Our German Shepherd Wendi, RIP

by Wayne Edgin
(Fort Worth Texas)

Our, meaning My son Jordan and I, GSD, Wendi crossed the Bridge 4 years ago. She was a rescue Pup. This dog was my sons best friend.

We had a trampoline in our yard. Wendi would 'protect' the trampoline, when she was out with the kids. Her MO was to stand in the middle and bark at everyone coming near. Then she would lie down and let everyone on .

Jordan and Wendi slept in the same bed. Jordan' Sisters would try to sneak into his room, but there was Wendi. She would bark and stand up in the bed. Of course the girls would run back to their room.

Wendi passed due to a Rattlesnake Bite in 2006.Jordan to this day has a Pic of Wendi by his bed. What he does not know, is there is a 13 week old GSD waiting on him to get home. His Name is TY.

Total German Shepherd:

Wayne, I am so sorry for your loss of your wonderful German Shepherd Wendi. What a great protector she was. I know you and your family, but especially your son Jordan, will miss her terribly. What an awful loss for your family.

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