Our GSD Puppy Fred is Such a Joy

by Karen Denbok

Hi there,

Where do I start ..... our new boy Fred is a wonderful pup. In this picture he is 3.5 months and now just over 4 months. He is always sticking his tongue out at me but I just love him.

We got Fred in January from a rescue centre in Niagara area in Canada. He was 8 weeks and only 4.5 pounds. I was shocked he was so small and thought maybe we had a miniture or dwarf German Shepherd. His mother and father (registered German Shepherds) were surrender to the rescue centre and the pups were born at the centre. Fred's mother was not very healthy and the pups had to be weaned at 4 weeks.

When we adopted Fred we had a tuff time finding the right food for him but finally found one that would not go right through him. He is so smart that within the first week we had him he was housebroken, could sit on command, and could fetch on command however he didn't always bring it back.

Fred is catching up. At 4.5 months he weights 38 pounds and looking wonderful. He knows most of our commands and not chewing as much. He goes crazy over ice cubes, water and the doggie park which is on the river. He is such a joy to have and a great addition to our family..

Thank You

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May 06, 2012
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

First let me say CONGRATULATIONS on your new edition to the family, Fred, he is a Handsome pup. This is a important time in your puppy's life, bonding and teaching him, enjoy it, I wished it last longer.

Ah I love the puppy years they are a lot of work, Mia 2 years old now but when she was a puppy she gotten into everything and the chewing, thank God the chewing is done. He looks so strong now and those big ears - straight up, I love those ears.

He will bring so much joy in your lives, pretty soon he will be your protector, just like my Mia she is always by our side. Take care of your puppy Fred and he will take care of you!

May 04, 2012
GSD Puppy Fred
by: Cberyl Schaefer

Hi! Karen, Thank you so much for sharing your story, about your puppy, Fred. He is such a handsome, & precious, puppy. I have a GSD Puppy, Chloe, she is 10 months old, now.

We brought, Chloe home, when she was 16 weeks old. She is so much a part of our family, too. Fred is such a special puppy. Karen, My puppy, Chloe, & I, hope you, & Fred, have a wonderful Forever Life, together.

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