Our Multi German Shepherd House

by Tom Dammann

Schatzi, two years old

Schatzi, two years old

Just wanted to share photos of our lovely German Shepherds. So here you go:

This is Schatzi, she just turned two years old. She is a big ol teddy bear but knows when to be a big ol grizzly bear.

This is Greta, Tesa & Schatzi's little rescue sister. She's been with us for 3 months and has gained 22 pounds. She was in very bad shape until she came here to complete our pack.

This is Tesa, Schatzi's big sister. She's the leader of the pack and our first GSD. She is such a good representative of the breed that we got two more.

Total German Shepherd:

Hey Tom,

I'll bet there's never a dull moment in your house full of active German Shepherds, LOL! And what a good looking pack you have!

And thanks so much for sharing them all with us here and especially for rescuing Greta when she needed help! That is the most wonderful thing of all I think. If everyone could take the time to rescue just one dog in need, and provide it with a good home just imagine how many animal shelters we could close.

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