Problems With German Shepherd Barking

by Claire Sim

Hi there,

My 11 month old german shepherd is an outside dog but at night time he barks very loud and for long periods of time.

I have no idea how to stop him from doing this, i have tried many different ways and he is now having to sleep inside which i do not want.

He also seems to get very upset when he is left outside by himself scratching on the door loudly not all the time but quite regularly,

we just moved house and he now has a massive back yard so i am not sure why he is getting upset, i play with him regularly but when he is left alone gets quite upset.


Total German Shepherd: There are many reasons why your German Shepherd puppy is barking - he is: scared, insecure, lonely, bored - or something is really out there with him that he's trying to scare away, etc., etc.....

One good thing would just be to keep him indoors at night - that way you all get a good nights sleep once he gets used to being indoors at night - plus you have the ultimate watch dog :~)

Otherwise training is needed to hush up your German Shepherd - they are normally fairly vocal dogs but some are just naturally more vocal than others and maybe your boy is just overly vocal.

Nonetheless, you're going to have to train him when the right time to bark is otherwise he may get even worse - bark wise.

There may be a dog training class in your neighborhood and I highly suggest you check into it for both your sakes but if you want to do it yourself I can suggest one really good dog training course and I'll place a banner to it below.

Just click on the banner below if you're interested in learning more even though it says potty training - he trains for many different situations and problems and its a really innovative course.

Either way, good luck with your vocal German Shepherd puppy.

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