Tips To Help Protect Your Dog
During The Cold Winter Months

Protect your dog during the winter months - have you ever considered that the cold, frigid winter weather presents the same problems for your dog as it does for you? How will you know if your dog is uncomfortable during the winter? Well, a few signs are that the dog may shiver or hold up his paws as he walks about outside.

If you leave your German shepherd outside for long periods of time, your dog could also possibly experience hypothermia or frostbite.

Be aware that road salts can cause sores to a dog's footpads. Road salts or any other ice-melting chemicals can also be very hazardous and possibly even life-threatening for any dog that ingests them, as can be antifreezes.

Please keep your German Shepherd away from any of these chemicals and check his coat and feet frequently after trips outside for any materials that could possibly build up and irritate the dogs coat or skin.

A few tips to protect your dog during the winter months:

1. Give your dog additional food in the winter to help keep him warm.

2. Never let your dog off leash if you happen to get in a snowstorm or ice storm.

3. Provide your dog a warm, draft-free place to sleep. A bed off the floor can provide extra warmth.

4. Put a flannel sheet inside your dog's bed for extra warmth.

5. Keep antifreeze out of your dog's reach!! And be sure to clean up any that may have been spilled.

6. Get a sweater for your dog if it is short-haired, elderly, or sensitive to the cold while on walks in cold weather.

Just following a few of these steps above can certainly go a long way in keeping your German Shepherd comfortable and healthy during the winter months. Protecting your dog during the cold winter months is a responsibility all dog owners share and one all dogs will appreciate.

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