Question About 9 Week Old GSD Puppy

by Sandra

Hi i have a nine week old gsd female, the problem im having is when she nips and bites and is corrected she can get aggressive, barking and snapping at my fingers and hands, ankles too,

i have taken a strong voice and told her no and use my hands on her hind and neck but she doesn't stop, please help as i don't want her to be aggressive at such a young age and for this behaviour to get out of control.

Regards Sandra

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Feb 27, 2010
by: wendy

At 9 weeks your pup has hopefully just left the litter. She would have learned from mom & sibs how hard is too hard to bite.

When she nips, YELP LOUDLY! and then turn away for about 1 minute. This is what the pack would do.Puppies want attention, and to be part of the pack. Being ostracized is the last thing they want.

Make sure everyone in the house does this & she should stop. I never advocate any physical corrections in puppies this young, especially gsds.

They are quite sensitive and do NOT respond well to physical corrections. They may indeed stop the behaviour, but it can lead to trust issues later and further behaviour problems.

Jan 25, 2010
My GSD learned the first time I did this.
by: Bette

When she starts to nip grab her muzzle and hold her mouth closed for a few seconds. It won't hurt her, but they hate it. My boy learned immediately. I swear he was over it in one day. I did not come up with this technique. I learned it by reading the Monks of New Skete, "How to Raise a Puppy." Highly Recommend you do too if you want a happy life with your wonderful GSD.

Dec 29, 2009
biting and niping
by: Anonymous

Hi Sandra, i had the same problem with my female, and did exactly what you are doing, with no improvment then someone suggested i tap her on the noise quiet firm at first and say no in a stern voice, and this started to work, now when she attempts it i just have to show her my hand and she stops, everyone in the house has to do the same till she learns that she cant bite, hope this helps

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