Quite a Lady, Our German Shepherd Mix, Lady Belle

by Lynnet H.

Lady Belle loving the water

Lady Belle loving the water

Lady Belle, who we believe is a German/Husky mix, came to us at 10 months in 2008, after she was rescued from an abusive situation to be a companion for our Golden. She has a very submissive/dependent nature, so when Buddy passed away, she mourned deeply.

We brought her inside to help her cope and she follows me as if there were an invisible thread between us. The kids say she diligently waits at the front door when I'm gone. We gave her a stuffed beaver doggy toy when we first got her and she used to carry it everywhere and slept with it for over 2 yrs.

She has transformed from a terrified of cars and ill-trusting of people canine to a beautiful family dog, learns quickly, is very obedient, loyal, settles quickly with company, and loves pumpkin treats. She is especially good with those with physical and mental disabilities, as well as very young children.

She loves going to the country, hiking, and exploring creeks, "back-talks" (a-roo-a-roo) when she doesn't want to leave the kitchen when I'm cooking, and tries to inch her way back in when we're not looking. She still is wary of her leash and doesn't bother any of the little kids toys scattered about, but does love a good squeak toy and a tennis ball from time to time!

Our college son adopted a terrier/Rottweiler (?) mix in '11 and she mothered him for a while, but has been a great influence in helping him settle down and model appropriate indoor behavior.

She is terrified of loud noises, vacuum cleaners, and storms, has grain allergies, but otherwise a great dog. We never would have considered having a GSD before her, and, while she can scare the daylights out of strangers, we have been incredibly blessed by her.

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Jul 17, 2012
"Lady Belle"
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Lady Belle is beautiful inside and out! She has a very sweet disposition and gentle ways.

She sounds a little like my Mia too, she loves to watch momma cook and wants to stay right there in the kitchen watching me cook and sometime she back talks me too - I guess that's the female in them and I wouldn't want to change a thing.

Lady Belle has a good home with a Loving family and probably spoiled - good for her! Take care of your girl and she will always be your Protector!

Jul 17, 2012
Quite a Lady, Our German Shepherd Mix, Lady Belle
by: Cheryl Schaefer

Thank you for rescuing Lady Belle; she is such a beautiful girl! I know, you, & Lady Belle , will have a long, & wonderful life together!

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