Riley the Black Bastard

by Dillon Mcpheresome
(Kingston, TN)

Riley is a three year old BGS. He got his nick name when he was young. He always wants to play but even two years ago if I walked away from him, not paying attention to him, he would sneak up behind me and bite my hand then run off.

When young these dogs have very sharp teeth and I would say "Ouch you black bastard!" All he wanted was for me to chase him.

But he is not solid black. He has a white 7 on his chest. He is good with kids and other dogs even our white cat Wrigley.

I only call him black bastard now to make people laugh. He knows we can only play when I have my welding gloves on. But when I put the gloves on he is as happy as a dog with a bone.


Added by Sharon: What Dillon didn't tell you is that Riley is very smart. He listens and he sings. You should hear him sing. He has his own song and maybe someday I'll add a video of it here. He sings the Dog Gone Blues.

Total German Shepherd: Hey guys, I do wish you had included a picture or a video of Riley singing - I'll bet it is hilarious. Thanks for writing in to tell us all about him. We always love to hear about other owners experiences with these incredibly intelligent and personable dogs!!

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