Rinie Tin Siebener Von Rainbow Ranch

by Doris W.
(Virginia, USA)

Siebener is 'sevens' in German--a strange word for a name, right? But he was born on the 7th day of the 7th month and also on a Sabbath (the 7th day of the week--Saturday); and on top of that, he is my 7th German Shepherd, rather unusual I thought. And since 7 is God's perfect number and we bought him from an Amish family, I told my husband that we have a very 'religious' dog!

Unlike my very protective last GS, Rinie 'overly' loves every stranger he meets. He is fifteen months old now, quite tall and long but I can't seem to get enough weight on him, even though he has one of the best dog foods on the market, and eats twice the amount that is recommended for his age and size.

He loves to go on trips and chase balls, etc. and he is finding it very hard not to yield to the temptation of chasing our goats and cats. He is very intelligent and learns quickly.

Total German Shepherd:

Hi Doris,

Wow, what an incredible story for Siebener's beginnings. Sounds like nothing but good things for this guy! You should get that story created for you in some sort of infographic - it would be an incredible thing to have up on your wall all framed right beside a nice picture of your boy.

Maybe sometime in the future you can send us some updates on your friendly GSD and maybe even a few German Shepherd pictures too because we would love to see him in person.

Don't worry about the weight - he will fill out soon enough - male GSDs typically don't get their full adult figure until they around between 2-3 years of age so he still has a little time left in puppyhood. Good luck with your boy and I wish you every success with him. Thanks for sharing your German Shepherd's story with us!

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