Rocky - The super German Shepherd dog!!

by Srikar Srivatsav
(Bangalore, India)

hey guys! rocky is my first GSD puppy!!! its very very active, but the only problem is that it bites us a lot! so how do i get rid of this problem?

i tried giving it calcium bones(as suggested by d vet), but no use! :(

Total German Shepherd:

This is very common and a very normal behavior too for a young GSD puppy (or any young puppy for that matter). And there are several things you can try to get your puppy to stop the mouthing you.

Such as - put a toy in their mouth when they start acting like they're going to nibble on you, don't wrestle or play fight - it can often encourage biting, your puppy may be teething, etc.

If I were you I would also talk to a dog trainer in your area and ask for a few more tips on stopping the biting behavior too. Plus, here is an article with even more ideas on correcting Puppy Biting problems.

And do yourself a favor - stock up on lots of puppy chew toys because rocky is going to be chewing for a while to come. Good luck!

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