Ruger the Rescue Pup

by Suzanne B
(Benton City Wa)

ok, they're gonna keep me.

ok, they're gonna keep me.

I had taken my 9 yr old Shab (sharpei lab) to the vets for his annual. I walked in with a killer migraine. Was talking to the vet tech and heard a pup. She was telling me about him and his story.

A lady had caught another lady trying to dump him in a school parking lot. Good lady took said puppy home even though she is a cat person. Pup threw a kink into her cats lives and so she took it to the vet. One of the techs had been caring for him since he was about 6 wks old but lived in an apt with 2 dogs already. I agreed to foster for the weekend for her, which turned into a week. He was 9 weeks old then and had huge paws!!

I was extremely concerned wheather a puppy would be ok in the house as our almost 14 yr old mix isn't as agiale as he was. Puppy seemed to fit in some what. Well you guessed it, he was home with the condition he pass the gkid test in 2 weeks.

The 2 old dogs weren't very happy with me at the time but as he has grown and not so little they really do belong together. The 2 youngest 1.5 and 4 were here for the weekend and Ruger earned his place in this family.

He turned 14 weeks yesterday (best we know)and doing so well. He is great in the car, luckily as we travel to see gkids often. He also sits, lays, kisses (nose to nose no tongue), paw - left and right, spins, gets the ball and is good at target getting. He plays hard and sleeps just as hard.

What a joy and work he has been. I have always said and believed you get the dog you need not the one you want. My Ruger is special one in the line of many. He has big paws to fill.

Total German Shepherd:

Suzanne, whew!!

What a sweetheart you are for taking in this baby when he really needed a full time home! I wish more people did this.

But Ruger looks like he's just adjusted beautifully to the new home. And I'm sure he loves the company of the other dogs - though they may not be so happy about a youngster full of energy dropping into the clan. But it'll all work out.

And it's really good to hear how well he gets along with the children in your home. What a blessing that is. So now that you have the new addition, I wish you nothing but the best in the future with all your babies - furry or not!

Maybe in the future you can send us a new update on Ruger and your other dogs and let us all know how he's doing. Good luck!! And thanks again for rescuing little Ruger!!

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Jan 11, 2013
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

What a little dickens Ruger is and that little puppy face! He will grow into a handsome male. Enjoy this puppy time it's so important and precious.

Teaching, training and bonding, I love it. You have your hands and your heart full, I'm sure the others will come to love that little guy too. Take care of your boy and he will take care of you!

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