Scared to death, and with my heart pounding,...I can't get a German Shepherd!

by Cynthia

With a shot gun in my hand and the lights all on in the house, I'm by myself with 6 month old grandson and my yorkie, who heard every noise, and his ears stood up and he barked made me feel like I was consumed with fear beyond hope....not really, but that way I felt. My husband left for his 8 day shift at work, my daughter going on a youth trip for a week and they both leaving the same day at dark between 12:00 am and 2:00 am and I was wondering what I'm going to do....

After the thoughts of being by myself in a house for days at a time and I hate guns, told my husband I can't do this any more, he said you need a German Shepherd they are awesome protectors for the home. I thought about it for a moment and said, "Are you crazy?" I'm scared of those dogs, what would happen if the attacked me or my grandson or daughters friends, I was already thinking the worst.

After much study on the internet calling the vet and trainers and those that have had one and hearing the wonderful things about them I told my husband, lets go looking for one! I found some gorgous dogs in a little town by us driving up I saw a enormous GSD, I started swallowing hard and thinking to myself I can do this or can I?

We get out of the car and I wanted to run back, he said come on. We walked in their house went to the back yard and 6 little babies came running and sniffing at my feet and dancing around me, it gripped my heart for a second, I loved every minute of it. Wow these are not that bad. As I was playing with them on a wood porch with a gate, I heard it open as the own called a black GSD to come up the steps I felt the blood leaving my face she ran over to me I thought OH MY GOD....she took her nose and lifted up my hand for me to pet her I'm thinking, I'm getting ready to lose this hand, my right hand, I felt it, I felt it!

She kept nugging at me finally I petted her and she was so sweet. I just stared at the puppies eyeing one I wanted he was so calm and beautiful and I thought this is the one. All of a sudden a black thing flew upon the porch it was a toy, xx large kong, came from the father of the puppies wanting my husband to play with him. I didn't think much of it and then I saw two eyes staring at me his head was huge, and I was looking eye to eye at him he was enormous, I couldn't believe I was this close to this dog, I couldn't do anything but keep my eye on him.

I told my husband get back don' t play with him he will take your hand off, After a few throws of the kong the owner opened the gate I saw what are you doing he was quiet, the father of those puppies slowing walked on the porch I was backing up as far as I could looking for the handle to the door, I felt my face burning up and I started to cry, I said OH God we need to go, I'm scared... Scared to death, my heart pounding, and pounding I told my husband let me think about this, I can't do it now....

I got the door opened went to the car, I told him NO Way!!!!!!! I won't own one of those dogs I can't I'm scared to death of them let me have a lab! I looked for a lab, my husband had to go back out on his 8 day shift, I'm by myself again thinking, I called him I'm scared to stay by myself I was so frightened wondering what I was going to do, he said you ready to get the German Shepherd, I said, yes I am.....I started looking again I found a darling little back and tan guy, I called the lady we talked she said she had several.

I told her give me the calmest one which is the one I liked the best, I had to wait 4 days drove 84 miles to get him I fell in love with him the minute I saw his little face, he sat with me in the car, follows me where ever I go, sleeps with me in the bed... I'm so glad I got him, but thinking now I hold him all the time carry him everywhere, take him shopping what am I gonna do, he's 6 weeks old in about 6 months, I can't do this is he still going to want me to hold him, if so I guess I will, I know he is going to be my very best FRiEND!

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Sep 28, 2013
Get Training
by: Frances Ruoff

Since you know little about this breed, it is crucial for you to start training with your dog NOW. This cute puppy will get big and control you and everyone in the house unless he is trained.

GSDs are easily trained in the proper hands. I would suggest you get a copy of James Moses' book about GSDs to learn about this breed and find an experienced trainer today. If you don't want to do this, then I suggest you return the dog to the breeder now and get an alarm system for the house.

Sep 27, 2013
I know how you felt!
by: Pat B

So glad you are finding out how great this breed is! I have an 8-year-old GSD and a Pomeranian. GSD is big brother and little sister Pom came 3 years ago.

I knew he would be gentle with a small dog and he is! Sweetest disposition but don't tell strangers. When he barks he shakes the air! The mail lady still refuses to get out of her truck when he is outside, no matter what I tell her!

Many years ago as a kid riding my bike one ran up to me and put it's mouth around my ankle waiting for a command so I had fear before too until my husband and son wanted to get a GSD. Remember while your dog is young to socialize around a lot of people and pets and he will be wonderful around your guests,and still be the best home protection ever!

Sep 25, 2013
Scared to death...I can't get a German Shepherd!
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Aren't you glad you got over your fear; German Shepherds are amazing breed they do everything and can be so gentle with a baby. Take care of your Shepherd and he will take care of you!

Sep 05, 2013
Good Luck
by: Anonymous

Enjoy the time while you have him as a baby! The time passes so quickly and sooner then you think you'll be able to handle your impressive friend asking others: "Why are you afraid, he's such a baby... "

I love your story.
Good Luck !

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